We created the new brand-standard by innovatively integrating design, video, and technology on the web.

We strongly believe in the power of service, transparency, and delivering excellent results. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you work with us:


Customer Service

You’re the client. We’re here to serve you, and we will do everything in our power to fit your needs and make your project successful. Besides, what happened to good old-fashioned service anyway? A smile still goes a long way!


Cutting-Edge Entertainment

We believe in pushing the envelope, and we’re passionate about projects and clients that feel the same way. But hey, if you’re old school, we can accommodate you, too.



We don’t like to boast, and we don’t use our clients as leverage. We may tell you who we’ve worked with, but unless we get approval to share from our clients, mum’s the word on our end. It’s how we stay innovative.


Unique Products & Services

We also believe in monitoring the trends and finding new ways to solve problems in the industry to create new, unique service offerings just for you. In fact, that’s why we’ve created niche service offerings and unique products tailored to your needs and budget. Learn more about our unique products or our services.


Personal Treatment

Ever worked with a firm or agency that doesn’t pay attention to you?  That’s not us.  We will make sure you get a personal representative that knows your name, your business, and everything you need.


Customizable Solutions

Every project is different and poses a unique set of requirements and variables. We provide a way for you to get one-on-one, professional consultation, where we help you find the best solution to bring your project to life.



Communication is underrated these days. You will always know where your project stands with us, and we’re always available to answer any question, comment, or concern that you may have.


Concrete Delivery

Everyone complains that designers and entertainment folks don’t ever follow through with their deliveries. With Plastick Media, you get what you want, when we agreed to deliver it. On time, every time.



Perhaps our most important belief is quality. We whole-heartedly believe in giving you the best quality product that you can imagine. If you’re unhappy, we’ll fix it. Guaranteed.