We created the new brand-standard by innovatively integrating design, video, and technology on the web.

From video production company to creative media agency, Plastick Media now provides a plethora of new media solutions to clients of all industries and budgets.


Plastick Media was initially launched in 2008 during CEO/Founder’s, Tori Kyes, tenure at a then up-and-coming tech startup specializing in music discovery.  Because of Tori’s background in the music business, and as a video producer, she saw a large opportunity to leverage cutting edge web video content to build a brand for entertainers in the music industry.

It wasn’t long before the entertainment industry started to face its own hardships because of the changing digital landscape.  What used to be a conglomerate-led industry was now more focused on the DIY artists that wanted to be in more control of their career.  Because of this, we were being asked to not only produce videos, but to create logos, motion graphics, and websites.  As the impact of social networking grew, we also found a niche helping artists with their social media presence.  We soon realized that our niche was in creating online brands, but not just for artists anymore.

We are proud to say that our clients now span a multitude of industries, budgets, and experience within the technical world, and our specialty is creating new ways for these brands to engage with their audience on the web in a manner that is completely consistent for what their brand is.

In 2011, Plastick Media decided to shift focus from being a solely service-based company into a more product-based company that provided turn-key solutions that have helped our clients in the past.  In September, Plastick launched Branded Social Profiles, a product solely based on the professional design and branding of all social networks that is an affordable solution for business owners.  With Branded Social Profiles, Plastick also launched The Social Club, which is an exclusive membership service that keeps people up to date on the latest social networking advancements before they become a detriment to your business.  By fourth quarter of 2011, Plastick will also be launching Dygiu, its new media university that is designed to educate people of all levels on the best practices for social media.